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UML-7 I3/ Raqulle 2 by jamezguns UML-7 I3/ Raqulle 2 :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 SG-2 LMG by jamezguns SG-2 LMG :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 Nash Saydin by jamezguns Nash Saydin :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 A-1B2  by jamezguns A-1B2 :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 3 0 Sweeper A-1B  by jamezguns Sweeper A-1B :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 5 0 Sweeper A-1  by jamezguns Sweeper A-1 :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 KTP-404 Emperor  by jamezguns KTP-404 Emperor :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 6 2 HKT-1 and HKT-2 by jamezguns HKT-1 and HKT-2 :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 3 0 bomber hunter BH-20 Dragon  by jamezguns bomber hunter BH-20 Dragon :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 3 0 Torpedo away! by jamezguns Torpedo away! :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 3 0 Avori Ishee  by jamezguns Avori Ishee :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 SaGG-3 Witch Hunter by jamezguns SaGG-3 Witch Hunter :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 5 0 Kiva Tavis  by jamezguns Kiva Tavis :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 0 Marq Tavis  by jamezguns Marq Tavis :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 1 0 SaGG-2's on patrol  by jamezguns SaGG-2's on patrol :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 4 0 ZPK A-24 DF  by jamezguns ZPK A-24 DF :iconjamezguns:jamezguns 2 2


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UML-7 I3/ Raqulle 2
Considered the most lethal tank on Wye, the Raqulle 2 was rushed into service to fight off the hordes of Niyan and Kiperland ships and tanks with its brand new hybrid gun.

Speed: 48mph
Range: 450 miles
Crew: 4 commander, gunner, loader, driver
Firepower: 1×125mm smooth bore gun(43 rounds) 2×15mm MG's, co-axial and mini turret (2,100rounds)
Weight: 52 tons
Power: 1×1700hp turbine
7mm light machine gun designed by Kammon International Arms in 2012. Kiperland and Niyan are it's top users.

Type: open bolt, gas operated, magazine fed light machine gun with interchangeable barrels
Fire rate: 600-900rpm
Ammo: 30, 50 round detachable box or drum of 7×45mm KITA
Range: 1200m effective
Weight: 21.6lbs
Nash Saydin
Corporal in Marq's team, barely survived the Wyian War.
I had this sitting in my sketchbook for over a month until I finally decided to finish it.
Scheme inspired by the Ace Combat 5's wardog squadron. Technologically improved version of the the A-1B hosting a computer for guided missiles and enhanced night fighting abilities, new selective fire cannon capable of firing fin stabilized munitions and a more fuel efficient turbine. The 20mm were deemed unnecessary for its role and were removed, however, up to 6×20mm gun pods can be attached to wing mounts.

Speed: 510mph
Range: 1,200 miles, 2,300 miles with external fuel
Crew: 1, pilot
Power: 1×2,500hp turboprop
Weapons: 1×30mm cannon (310 rounds)
10 pylons for rockets, bombs, missiles, cannons, or supplies and equipment
Sweeper A-1B
Aian single seat attacker. The A-1B was an improvement over the original A-1. Negative battlefield reports of the A-1 reached Sweeper headquarters and design teams looked at improving the aircraft to the pilots expectations. Instead of looking for a new model, designers cut out the gunner section of the aircraft and removed any unnecessary parts. Lighter airframes and components were later added increasing the aircraft performance. The Bombay was removed and was replaced by a larger fuel tank and extra 30mm ammunition. Airbrakes took over the role of dive flaps. By 1962 the new aircraft was ready but finally saw action in 1969 where it became recognized as an effective tank killer.

Speed: 520mph
Range: 1,100 miles, 2,150 miles with external fuel tanks
Crew: 1, pilot
Power: 1×2,500hp turboprop
Weapons: 1×30mm cannon (250 rounds)
2×20mm cannons (400 rounds each)
8 pylons for rocket pods, bombs, missiles, or fuel
  I'll be going over a few things that will be displayed for 2018. I came back to deviantart in November of this year after balancing out my time in the army and practicing on my drawings. I see that I've improved greatly during the time and I hope to keep improving. I'm currently deployed in Europe and I only have limited art supplies with me but once I'm stateside I'll be able to retrieve my main books and put more stuff out for you guys. As you noticed, most of my content are fictional military vehicles from fictional countries. People have been my biggest problem since 2013, I just sucked at getting the proportions right and I gave up on it multiple times which put me back to square one but after a month of watching YouTube tutorials I think I'm getting better at it so expect to see more people in 2018. The female soldier from Niyan was actually a test of mine to see if I could get the face right and it worked out pretty well.
    Small arms, new countries, big guns and ships are also planned to be displayed in the upcoming year. Some of my oldest drawings will also go up and you could take a look at their side by side comparison. Niyan and Kiperland Octs or eight sided warships will be added along with more Wye ships. Altand, Avoria, Crotia and Malik are some of the new countries that will appear going in from largest to smallest. I also might add some history to help better understand these weapons and their operators. I can't wait for the new year to get here. I hope you guys have a great time for the remaining 2017.


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james harris jr.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I created my own little universe with some subjects being similar to the real world. the drawings you see now are of the countries Aian, Kiperland, Niyan and the planet Wye. I have dozens more countries and planet weapons and people to put up here so stay tuned. I've been drawing since I was a kid and later on I realized that drawing separates you from the real world and let's you be you. You can create what you want when you want with whatever you want.


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